Michigan Metal Artwork Wins 2019 Best Gift Shop

Michigan Metal Artwork was formed when David Abraham made the brave decision to turn his passion into a profession. Until that point he had been making metal art as a hobby, working out of his garage during the hours he could find for it.

David said that he doesn't know why, but in June of 2016 he quit his full time job and without any backup plans he decided to turn the art of making metal decor into a business. Although he made a lot of mistakes along the way- mistakes that cost him thousands of dollars in metal- he finally perfected his craft.

The secret, he says, is to look at setbacks as something positive that can help you succeed. He may have lost a lot of metal in the early stages, but that experience made him a better artist. The set backs were part of what allowed him to grow.

Michigan Metal Artwork has since done very well. They recently furnished the Google Building in downtown Detroit with over 125 metal wall art pieces, they have begun donating to charitable silent auctions and now they have achieved a Vote 4 The Best win the category of "Best Gift Shop."

- Written By: Jake Draugelis (WDIV Channel 4)